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  • Why would you choose to work with EA Technologies? +

    We represent several reputable manufacturing companies in test & measurement industries. The range of products include, but are not limited to, test and measurement equipment, custom components, connectors, PCB and many more. Our goal is to bring a cost saving solution to our customer and help with sourcing solution from lower cost region.
  • What are our strengths? +

    Our key competitive strengths lie in our innovation, strong customer focus, resourcefulness, strong partnership with customers and principals, an established global support network and a cost-competitive Asia-centric manufacturing infrastructure.
  • What is system solutions integrator? +

    EA Technologies as solution integratorsis to enable your products to be tested and qualified. We provide solutions as the perfect foundation to reduce costs manage complexity and mitigate risk. System solutions integrators are able to specialize in their area of expertise.
  • What is the role of an Independent Distributor versus Franchised Distributor? +

    Frequently the electronic components that clients seek have been discontinued, allocated, made subject to long lead times, or are unavailable. As an Independent Distributor, EA Technologies strives to supply such hard-to-find components and in-demand products by foreseeing the need, purchasing and stocking the products, and being able to supply them to our clients when needed. While franchisor is a supplier who allow franchisee, to use the supplier's trademark and distribute the supplier's goods and in return, the operator pays the supplier a fee. Most if not all franchised distributor will not able to customize the source/solutions and is what you
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